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CAPE TOWN – More than 6 months since the first reported case of the coronavirus, the world is still battling with this pandemic – which has claimed almost 500 000 lives around the world, to date.

 There is a continuous growth of cases in some countries whilst there is a continuous decline in some other countries. In the South African context, there is an apparent growth in cases and, the projections are that we are yet to see the worst before things can get better.

This obviously puts enormous pressure on our frail health system and, as a result, increases chances of many things “going wrong” from testing to diagnosis. This is already evident, considering the backlog that we have with Covid-19 test results.

Also, we have already had some of our celebrities in South Africa being incorrectly diagnosed with the virus. Misdiagnosis and/or delay in receiving the tests’ results may have grave implications for the concerned individuals and/or juristic persons.

For example, if there is a delay in the release of tests’ results, a person may lose out on an work interview; or, you do not take your medication timely and, as a result, you develop greater health complications; or even death, etc.

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