Duduzane Zuma Reveals How It Feels To Be The Most Desired Man In Mzansi

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Controversial MCM Duduzane Zuma who has been voted the hottest male celebrity in Mzansi a number of times was the latest guest on MacG’s popular Podcast And Chill show, where he was put on the hot seat and had to answer what many people have probably wondered about since laying their eyes him.

MacG asked Zuma how it feels being the most desired man in Mzansi to which Zuma revealed is nothing new. Apparently Duduzane has always been quite the ladies man since he was a young man however, he does appreciate all the love and support he receives from the ladies.

The MCM further mentioned that he would rather take being wanted by the ladies over being wanted by the Hawks Crime Investigation Unit as he previously was, but he is definitely used to being quite the hit with ladies and this is all nothing new to him.

“We’ve lived our lives, it’s good to be like and loved so yeah, I’ll take it man” he said.

Duduzane not only rose to fame for being former president Jacob Zuma’s son but he also had he’s own scandals which include everything from joining the notorious Gupta family in apparent corrupt business deals homocide and so much more.

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