Dr Musa Mthombeni Shares A Candid Memory Of Akhumzi Jezile From 3 Years Ago

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Gone but not forgotten, Musa Mthombeni took to Instagram to share a candid photo of his late best friend Akhumzi Jezile who passed away just over two years ago in a horrible car accident. It goes without saying that Mthombeni and Jezile had a bromance like no other and even though Akhumzi is no longer with us, his memory still lives on through those who were close to him.

Posting a snap of them together from three years ago in Mauritius, Musa spoke of how he misses his pall everyday and also joked about the “fishnet” shirt that Akhumzi was wearing, claiming that he still to this day wonders where he got that shirt.

“Where you got this fishnet see-through shirt, only you know” he wrote.

Speaking about how Jezile’s death affected him, revealed that he has had a hard time adjusting to not having Akhumzi around, sharing what he finds hard the most is not having his friend around to laugh with

“Everyday I see something hilarious and start the process of wanting to send you a screenshot or call you. Then I remember that you aren’t here anymore. I still can’t believe this,” Musa said.

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