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Around this time a year ago, Billboard did a piece on Burna Boy following the release of his fourth studio album, African Giant, and described him as tall and imposing, one of the very few aligned facts that exist on the self-proclaimed African giant in the global blogosphere. The project also saw contributions from Kenyan band Sauti Sol, Senegal’s Youssou N’dour, and Stormzy.

Twice As Tall is the album about a period of time in my life”, said Burna Boy.

It has now morphed into something bigger than me.

“It [Twice As Tall] serves as a bridge for mankind to show that we’re all different but still very much the same”, Burna wrote on IG.

Black Coffee took to Twitter to congratulate Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, on the release of his new album, Twice As Tall, stating that his favourite single on the album is 23. I hope I’m able to spark something in you when you listen.

He choose Sean Diddy Combs as the executive producer for the album, because he’s someone he had always looked up to. “If they’re not hit records, I don’t like them”. Speaking fondly of the “Ye” singer’s craft, Diddy stated that “He’s the first African artist I’ve been blessed to work with and he didn’t know this but at the time I was praying to God to bring something to me that would help to bring us all together through music”. “He wants his music to be heard, his message, his people”.

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